Singers, TV and Home Invasion: Feedback Friday

We like when you talk to us. In fact, we like it so much, we made a feature about it.

The Homewood-Flossmoor Patch Facebook monster continues to grow. At 1,161 "likes" this week, we've been averaging at least a couple of new followers every day.

In case you don't here it enough, we really, really appreciate it.

(Although more is never a bad thing [at least in this context]. If you know any potential Patchy people, please don't hesitate to send them over to our Facebook page so they can "like" it and stay up-to-date with the latest community happenings.)

Thanks to all of our new and current readers on Patch and the H-F Patch Facebook page.

Overheard on Facebook

Flossmoor singer and founder of Midwest Motet Society, Marie Grass Amenta, (anyone can do this—check out our blog page for more info).

Here's some of the comments:

  • Laurel B. HamiltonLove you, Marie!!! And I'm still playing bells, too!
  • Erin McGowan RyanYour talented in many ways!! Wishing you all the best! What a beautiful story and wonderful family you have!!:)

And here's what a couple of our readers said on ABC7 this week:

Comments on - Patch

OK, now time for somethings a little more serious. Controversy erupted Thursday morning , as reported by the police. Some were mad at us, some mad a the police and some were mad that it was an issue to begin with. As the most commented on story this week, Patch would be remorse to not make mention of it, no matter what the convictions.

  • This article title is pure sensationalism, making it seem as if there was a random invasion in Homewood, when in fact the victim knew the intruder. There is enough panic in Homewood already with alleged gangs, etc. Can we please not use sensationalism to get Patch readers?
  • Dragonfly963, we get all of our information from Homewood Police reports, as noted in the disclaimer. The man was charged with home invasion, and the incident occurred on Golfview Avenue. No other information was included in the title. The intent was to be straightforward and factual, not to trick anyone ...
  • According to the article's opening paragraph, the assailant was charged with "Home Invasion" as a crime. He invaded the home. I agree that there is a stigma to the crime of it being random, but that just isn't always the case and it's incumbent upon the reader to be aware of this. It seems he should also have been charged with assault.
  • :I completely agree with dragonfly963. I believe we call this is somewhat of a "bait and switch".
  • ... for the other people on here crying about "sensationalism" by media are kind a goofy. The Patch is just reporting what the police give them!!! And the reality is crime is going up in Homewood. Most parents don't have their head in the sand and have their kids walk around in groups because of problems. Street robberies have increased against teenagers in town. Instead of denying crime has gone up we need to recognize it so we can all be more vigilant and not become a victim........
  • I am so disappointed with the Homewood-Flossmoor patch. I feel there is a strong focus on crime and sensationalized speculation. Much more negative than positive.
  • :Well, I'm no lawyer, but Illinois' home invasion statute seems pretty clear. If someone enters an occupied home and uses (or threatens to use) force (including assault and sexual assault) against the people inside, it's a home invasion.

Thanks, once again, to all of our readers for your continued loyalty and support.

—Ryan, editor.


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