Flossmoor Residents Eligible for Home Improvement Rebate

Energy Impact Illinois is offering up to $1,750 in home improvement rebates to Flossmoor residents. The rebate can cover improvements to drafty windows, installing insulation or other energy efficiency home improvements.

Flossmoor residents looking to increase the comfort in their homes with energy efficient improvements could earn up to $1,750 in rebates, thanks to Energy Impact Illinois. The rebate would provide homeowners with improvements to drafty windows, installing insulation and other similar home improvements.

To assist in figuring out what homeowners can do to improve their home's efficiency, Energy Impact Illinois is offing to set customers up with a certified contractor to determine what improvements can be made. There is a customer co-pay of $99 for this service.

For more information about Energy Impact Illinois, homeowners can visit www.EnergyImpactIllinois.org or call (708) 408-7155.

LocalRez March 27, 2013 at 04:35 PM
Your article makes it sound like this is exclusive to Flossmoor residents. People should check it out for themselves. Isn't this the Homewood-Flossmoor patch? . Energy Impact Rebate - up to $1750 Huge Rebates To Help You Save 15% Or More On Your Energy Use Value: 70% off the cost of insulation and air sealing, up to $1750 Incentive Type: Rebate Eligibility Criteria If you have service from Peoples or North Shore Gas, or are a Nicor Gas and ComEd customer, you are likely eligible - call us to confirm. You must own a single family home or 2-4 unit building to be eligible Call to confirm eligibility and set up an appointment: 1-855-9-IMPACT
Hernendo RevolveR March 28, 2013 at 07:41 AM
Does anyone remember when Flossmoor residents paid for their OWN home improvements? I sure do!
Inspector Daggett March 28, 2013 at 12:49 PM
Sounds like a beneficial program for those who qualify. The greatest return on investment for most homeowners would be to improve their homes insulation rating. Heating and cooling bills can be lowered dramatically through raising the R value (rating of heat loss through a material). A reasonable figure is that you can lose 25% of your homes heat through the roof. If the attic insulation is above code and if you go from a rating of 32 - 60 you could significantly improve your heat retention and lower your bills dramatically. It is not unreasonable to expect to recoup the cost of the insulating in 2-4 years. And if Comed or Nicor is footing 70% of the bill it is in my opinion a no-brainier.
Southside2 March 28, 2013 at 08:58 PM
Actually Hernendo, you did pay for this program. It was payed for by a little line item on your Com Ed and Nicor bill and placed into a fund for homeowners to use. However, if your communities' electric service is contracted out by the community to a secondary provider, they will not qualify. Naperville is one that comes to mind.
Southside2 March 28, 2013 at 09:00 PM
Another thing....if you have an "Energy Party" at your house to get neighbors and friends involved, the $99 energy assessment bill is paid!


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