Multiple Vehicle Burglaries; School Supplies: Feedback Friday

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Hello Patchland. Welcome back to Feedback Friday. Thanks to a steady stream of incoming Facebook friends, we're now at 1,274 "likes" on the Homewood-Flossmoor Patch Facebook page. A big thanks goes out to all of both new and experienced users, this would be nothing without your help!

Overheard on Facebook

Throughout the month, we've been posting back to school pieces to help readers in their efforts to ready their kids for going back to school. Here's what some of you had to say in response to a District 153 shopping list:

  • "home-schooler ;)"
  • "A bag, a pen, in reality what else do they need? The endless lists of pedantic branded bollocks is infuriating ..."
  • "Can 153 actually get text books for the kids? The endless scrumpled up photocopies that arrive home are useless for going back and relearning, a couple of books each that they could write in would make more sence environmentally, time saving wise for teachers and tracking own progress for kids. The marketday/pizza hut/six flags flyers can piss off as well, only in abloodymerica would you advertise to children in school.and not bat an eyelid."
  • "I buy what's on the list under protest..most if the items go unused..it's time for a revision. David you made an excellent point..the paper waste is ridiculous..at the end of the school year my son had a shopping bag of busy work (that's all it is) most ungraded and irrelevant."

Overheard on Patch

Earlier this week, involving three silimarly described vehicle burglaries all of which occurred around the same estimated times. Here's what some of our readers had to say in the comments:

  • "HPD is investigating. We live around the block from there. During the day several folks reported two female teens going door to door with different excuses of why they rang the bell. Selling magazines, "having female" issues (yep) and wanted to come in the house. One was on her cell behind her. We believe they were scoping places out for later."
  • "I live in the Gov. Park area and two teenaged girls were arrested on a Friday afternoon (just before school let out for the summer). They were caught after they entered a home and stole some electronics. I have to wonder if it's the same pair?"
  • "Thanks for the info! We will keep our outside lights on at night and keep valuables out of the cars. AND keep our doors locked."
  • "... that common sense item goes a long way in preventing some of these types of burglaries. Most of the time, they are looking for valuables AND an unlocked door for a quick grab. I don't have a description of the girls in question."
  • "I too live near Marshfield where the burglaries took place. I was told by a neighbor that the girls who were going door-to-door on another block (not necessarily the same "group" that robbed the folks on Marshfield?) looked about 14 - 15 years old, Caucasian, wearing non descriptive clothing. Not a whole lot to go on."

Thanks again to all our friends for your continued readership and support.


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