Tell Us: Your Tales of Paranormal Activity in H-F

We’ve been collecting macabre tales from around town and we want to hear yours. Have you ever seen anything eerie in town?

With Halloween around the corner, we thought it would be fun to ask around and hear about local encounters with the paranormal. Between the alleged phantom rotting corpse that appears under cars in Walt’s Parking lot to the screaming woman in the basement of a Flossmoor home. Of course, there’s not much reason to panic over these wandering souls. After two years of typing police blotters, we’ve still yet to see any paranormal crime occur.

Here’s some local stories submitted by our Facebook users:

  • "I live at 1600 Ridge Road, "The Mushroom House" and yes in this house there have been many... "
  • "I first read of the phantom corpse of Walt's parking lot about it 5 or 6 years ago. But have no idea what website I found it on. I would be absolutely horrified to spy a phantom rotting corpse under my car while putting away groceries. Saying that at least the cheeky ghoul has a sense of humour I suppose."
  • "I know of two people who have seen similar apparitions on Dixie Highway, both were of a WW2 era GI type fella walking on the side of the road. Both drivers swear they hit the guy, both drivers got out of the car to look, neither of them saw anything. The two incidents happened a fair few years apart."
  • "... I know my neighbors have some activity in their home. Their alarm gets tripped for no reason. Sometimes a person is seen walking around upstairs when nobody else is up there."
  • "I grew up in an older home in Flossmoor and there was a "screaming lady" in our basement who made her presence known from time to time."
  • "A clown haunts willow hill.. it broke my daughters foot a few years back...no one else saw it.....Whooooo.."
  • "Yep, lived in a haunted house in Homewood years ago"
  • "There is a house around the corner from me on Traverse in Flossmoor that is known to be haunted."
  • "Check out Bachelor's Grove. BUWAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"
  • "Growing up we thought there was a haunted church on Morris right by Lassens... We would hang out in the parking lot....the older kids always said there was a witch living in a house just across the street, her name was Romi"
  • "Our TV fell off a chair for no reason Saturday - does that count?"
  • I'm part of a paranormal investigation group and we all live in Homewood, but have never had clients from the area. Would love to document if anyone is experiencing phenomena! Most of our clients are from rural Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, other midwestern states. We used to call ourselves the Homewood area paranormal society, but then ghost Hunters came out and haps sounded to much like taps so we changed it to the paranormal people, we have been in the area since 2004."
  • "Heard that at night if you walk past the cemetery by home depot, there is said to be a screaming woman dressed in a bloody white dress. It is said that this woman was murdered the day of her wedding and she has been trying to avenge her murderer ever since her death in 1863."
  • "Late one night, many moons ago I saw a phantom white rabbit prowling around on Willow, though I now believe it may have been conjured by the spirits of Jamesons I had imbibed."

Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity in H-F? If so, please, share your story in the comments!

Patricia Higgins October 18, 2012 at 03:37 PM
I don't know if this is paranormal or not, but sometimes I feel a presence in my house. Several years ago it was late and I was on the computer in the livingroom. Most of the lights were already out and the dog was asleep in the kitchen. I started hearing a beeping sound and thought it was the smoke alarm or something. I heard the dog get up and whine and I went to investigate. The kitchen timer refrigerator magnet was advancing a minute at a time as though the button was being pushed. The dog was standing looking at it quizzically. I stopped it and cleared it and went back to the computer. It started doing it again and the dog was clearly entranced. I cleared it and carried it with me back to the livingroom because I was chatting with someone online. It started doing it again, so I pulled the batteries. If it had started again, it would have been out in the snowdrift. Sometimes the GPS unit will randomly turn on, weeks after it was last used, and start announcing directions. It should need charging, but there is it......merrily giving directions. I end up with batteries sitting NEAR devices instead of in them so that they don't randomly turn on and scare me.
Drea October 19, 2012 at 12:31 AM
When I was a student at H-F it was said that the mezzanine was haunted. There was a student many years ago who was very active in theatre and passed away. I think it was a girl. She supposedly keeps an eye on the auditorium and J building from the mezzanine. I think anyone who had late rehearsals knows how creepy that place can be at night.
Steve Burke October 19, 2012 at 05:50 PM
The check-out lines at the K-Mart are really creepy. wonder how many people have expired while waiting... Lots of ghosts trying to use expired coupons from when they passed while waiting in line.
jeremy thomas December 16, 2012 at 05:49 AM
my name is jeremy thomas, im visiting here from FLA, im staying in a house in flossmoor i was tryn to sleep and heard noise in the basement, then footsteps coming up the stairs i looked and seen no 1 then tryn to go to sleep again i felt a hand on my back it gave me a weak shove then the hairs on my whole body stood up as i was debating to turn around the blanket was pulled off of me!! needless to say i now sleep upstairs on the 3rd floor. i consider myself [being an ex athlete] to b a mans man but i was SCARED, should i b? how do i know if it is a good or bad 1? should i try to make my own contact? with them?


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