Scary Scenes Abound at Homewood's Most Haunting Halloween Homes

Decorating homes for Halloween is a full-time job for some of the most devoted homeowners in Homewood, who explain the dark joys of staging four of the best local lawn displays of the season.

Terrifying children isn't what they mean to do, especially since it is always the parents, they say, who drag their kids to the doorsteps of their homes. They are Homewood's most Halloween-obsessed, and their properties summon all to see their impressive grounds of guts and gore. Captivating crowds by the hundreds, their tireless and expensive efforts turn Halloween in Homewood from a holiday to an event. Proceeding with caution is wise for the faint of heart, but with fair warning, resistance is futile!  

Sampling the best Halloween decorations in Homewood is only beginning. Knowing each other's work, none of the four featured homeowners are eager to top the other—or will admit to any competitive drive.  Even in the bloodiest scenes, it seems Homewood remains... Home, Sweet, Homewood. 

Enjoy Halloween, and bear witness to these nightmares in person!


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