Watch Homewood Reporter Cover JFK's Assassination

Homewood's Russ Bensley worked as an on-air reporter for CBS News Chicago during the time of JFK's death.

50 years ago today, Homewood resident Russ Bensley was standing in the rain near the corner of State and Madison street in Chicago, talking to people about their reactions to President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

"At the time, I was the Chicago bureau manager for CBS," Bensley said. "I was about all we had by the way of reporters."

Shortly after hearing the news, Bensley hit the streets for a "man-on-the-street' type interview. Here's an excerpt from his introduction:

"The strange thing is, you don't even notice it's raining. And if you do notice, you don't care."

You can watch the full broadcast segment on CBS News Chicago.


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