What's For Dinner? Feedback Friday

Get to know what your neighbors are saying about local issues on the Patch comments section and Facebook site.

Welcome new and continuing readers alike to another edition of Feedback Friday, the feature that features you. If our Facebook friend count was akin to a plant, it would have to be bamboo as they've jumped another 12 "likes" since last week. As thanks, here's a glimpse at what some of you have been talking about:

Overheard on Facebook

Earlier in the week, we asked our Facebook friends, "What's for dinner tonight?" Here's a sampling of what H-F eats on a Monday night:

  • "Pasta with Bolognese Sauce "
  • "Whatever is in my schools Vending machines and then maybe Wendy's."
  • "BLT"
  • "Twisted Q! 1/2 price pizza at Mama and me, anything with a Flossmoor Station beer outside on their deck!"
  • "Barque Brisket." 
  • "Braised chicken legs with kale (baked in oven) 22 yr old daughter is going to make it. I am blessed!!!"
  • "I'm doing enchiladas with refried beans. All made from scratch"
  • "I'm having arrachera marinated in balsamic vinergrete with fresh avocado, salsa verde, and chihuahua cheese!!!! On corn tortilla !! Served with Dos Equis lager and sweet tea!!" 
  • "Anything grilled before the rain comes - burger, chicken, steak, pork chop, etc."
  • "Grilled greek pork chops...marinaded all night with fresh oregano, rosemary, garlic chive, cracked pepper, olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt and potatoes au gratin on the side with cucumbers with sour cream dressing. Making myself sooo hungry!"
  • "Just Turkey thanks to the new Living Social deal I got!"
  • "I am having dinner at Karen's then going over to Karl's lol"
  • "Chipotle just opened and the line didn't look too outrageous yesterday."
  • "Ribs from Glenwood Oaks"
  • "Chicken Caesar Salad"
  • "Son just went to get his father Pops!"

Overheard on H-F Patch

Yesterday, we announced the planned demolition of the old Homewood Hotel. So far, readers seem to be taking the news pretty well, but there's a hint of lingering nostalgia. Here's what we've seen in the comments so far:

  • "We need that old Clark gas station torn-down !!! 175th and Dixie !!!! That looks worse than the "Homewood Hotel""
  • "Can't wait to see the two big eye sores on Halsted torn down. Any plans for what is going to go there? A park perhaps?"
  • "I would love to see Whole Foods take over that hotel property"
  • "It will be a mega-store for hair & nails, no doubt."
  • "Whole foods would be perfect!!! I think it's going to be a Lowe's though.."
  • "Really a Lowe's? Because we NEED another hardware store on Halsted. I think Whole Foods is a great idea!"
  • "The Homewood Hotel sight should be big enough for a Costco! How can the community help???"
  • "I would love to see a Costco or Sam's Club go into the Hotel Sight. Plenty of eating places already there."
  • "I have to laugh at all of these people that think that those stores would even consider us. Whole Foods took forever to go into Orland. We have no chance. Maybe a used bookstore! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Costco? Really ? Living in a dream world!"
  • "I would love a Meijer's there. But I'm not holding my breath."
  • "More like an Ultra or some other discount grocery store. Too bad the buildings can't be re-purposed instead of demolished ..."
  • "... This would have been a great senior assisted living facility. Already built too....tear it down put in another gas station ..."
  • "I remember swimmiing in the pools inside of that place as a kid and thinking how amazing it was! It's a shame that it's gone down in the dumps. I'll be interested to see what they replace it with :-)"
  • "I understand the doubt re: Whole Foods, but why Costco? Never thought of Costco as being uppity or too specialized? And way to support your neighborhood folks. If you don't try, you don't get anything. And a used bookstore would be welcome. In fact, anything would be better than a dilapidated hotel."
  • "These are bank owned properties. They have to level them to make the land more attractive to buyers or developers."
  • "how about a casino! Homewood could use a little night life"
  • "I think we need a Bookstore i.e. Half price books or Books a Million. Trader Joes would be great.Krispy Kreme should go into the old Arby's. Maybe turn the old Caribou Coffee into a smaller version Bookstore/Coffee House a safe place where all ages can enjoy. The Best of Luck To Rich Hofeld For ALL he does for our town!"
  • "How about a a store that re-sells stuff from re-possesed storage lockers .... Yuuuup!"

Thanks again to all our friends for your continued readership and support.


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