Homewood's Ploum Introduces New Teen Arts Blog: Names in the News

One of Homewood's more creative and active residents, Steve Ploum, is back blogging on Patch. This time, he wants to tell you about his new project: TALK.

Homewood’s Steve Ploum is well known throughout town for his entrepreneurial spirit, community-mindedness and passion for the arts. Ploum's blog about his former project “” was one of the first to appear on H-F Patch over a year ago. He was also the driving force behind what is now . Now, Ploum is one of the folks who is spearheading the developing .

What’s TALK?

“TALK is a charitable organization whose mission is to teach leadership skills and to provide a voice for diverse populations through the expressive,  transformative and rejuvenating power of the arts,” Ploum said . “... TALK helps teens to develop community and a collective voice around a common purpose.” 

If you want to learn more about TALK, , and be on the lookout for upcoming TALK submissions by the kids who are contributing to the organization.  


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