LIVE: At the H-F Battle of the Bands

Local Editor Ryan Fitzpatrick here. I'll be judging tonight's competition and live blogging throughout the show or until my battery dies.

UPDATED: 8 p.m.

Locals Dream Drop Distance win H-F Battle of the Bands. Congratulations!

UPDATED: 7:20 p.m.

Final band, Into the Void up now. Guitarist seemed to be having some issues with his sound but they were quickly resolved. Both other judges agree that the guitarist is Jimi Hendrix incarnate. The similarities were uncanny and the kid knew how to shred on guitar. Lots of solos—completely centered around guitar.

UPDATED: 7 p.m.

Dream Drop Distance finished off with a bang. Now, Tomorrow's Alliance is up. They're a band started by two brothers, formed in 2005. Along with the three guys playing guitar, two considerably younger girls are backing up the group with congas and shaker percussion. They're extremely poppy, and I meant that in a good way. It's a little like that eccentric kind of Death Cab for Cutie acoustic rock. They're pretty good.

UPDATED: 6:35 p.m.

Homewood's Dream Drop Distance is just starting now. They played last year and put on a very entertaining show, albeit a little disjointed. It's clear that a year has made a big difference for them. It's already considerably tighter and more developed than last year. Unlike the previous two bands, this one counts for the competition, as do the next two. It's the guitarist's birthday today. They just rotated instruments. Song number two is coming up now. Kinda sounds like '90s So-Cal alternative punk.

UPDATED: 6:00 p.m.

Arora just finished up. Their notable cover was "Rock and Roll Band" by Boston. They had some pretty impressive originals, too. A much more mature sound than I'd expect from a band of high schoolers. 13 Spaces is up now. It's a six piece with an 11-year-old girl drummer. I wish I could have done anything competantly when I was six. They just broke into "Sunshine of Your Love."

UPDATED: 5:40 p.m.

The first band, Life Once Lived is done. They had a nu-metal, post-hardcore kind of sound. A lot of roaring screaming. 

Arora is up now. They're a throwback classic rock group. They just wrapped up a "Runaway" cover and moved into an original. It's a shame these guys aren't eligible in the competition.

UPDATED: 4:55 p.m.

Hello, Homewood-Flossmoor Patchiverse. If you're not at right now for the Homewood-Flossmoor Battle of the Bands, this is the next best thing.

We're still waiting for things to kick off, but I've secured a lineup. There will be six bands total. Here they are, in order of appearance.

  1. Life Once Lived
  2. Arora (performance only)
  3. 13 Spaces (performace only)
  4. Dream Drop Distance
  5. Tomorrow's Alliance
  6. Into the Void


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