Pianos on Parade: Homewood Celebrates New Public Art Display

Homewood is being invaded—by pianos. The village's new public art exhibit already has the town talking.

Don't be surprised if your next downtown stroll is accompanied by a soundtrack.

That's because the village is launching its curious new public art exhibit, "Your Keys to the City." The exhibit involves pianos—yep, pianos—decorated by local artists and placed outside local shops for anyone to play. The village plans to run the exhibit all summer long.

"The pianos are there for the community to play and have fun with," Homewood marketing coordinator Rachael Jones said in a press release.

The exhibit has cetainly gotten some of our H-F Patch Facebook fans excited:

  • "I first saw public pianos in Fort Collins, Colorado and suggested to Anne Colton that Homewood would be a perfect community to have public pianos. Great job in getting this project up and running! It will be fun to hear our neighbors bring the pianos to life this summer. Another reason to love Homewood!"
  • "How very eccentric, I approve."
  • "This is SUCH a great public art display! I wish we had something permanent like this every summer!"

The idea has also grabbed the attention of ABC7 news, apparently. Patch was told they are planning on sending a crew over to  around 11 a.m. and  around 12:15 p.m. If you play piano and want to be on TV—this could be your lucky day. If you don't play, it should be a good time anyway.

Do you know how to play any songs on the piano? What songs do you think would compliment a walk through downtown Homewood? Tell us in the comments!


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