Business Profile: Fresh Starts

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There are many places to eat at locally, but Joann Lindholm, proprietress of Fresh Starts in Flossmoor, explains why we should pay her and other mom and pop restaurants a visit.

How long have you been open?

This is our 25th year!  Can you believe it?

Why did you decide to open your restaurant?

I came along after two of my friends opened it. They asked for my help and I became General Manager and ran the day-to-day operations. (I) then bought both of them out as I fell in love with it. (I) felt that is was my baby!

Why did you choose downtown Flossmoor?

As mentioned, that decision was already made for me, but (I) really looked forward to evolving (Fresh Starts) into a restaurant from the original concept of the previous owners of Gourmet Food Store and Bakery. Don’t get me wrong, I sure do miss our bakery! Downtown Flossmoor is a wonderful place to have a business.

Any cooking tips?

 Use fresh ingredients, nothing packaged. Make it simple; use fresh herbs instead of dry, so grow an herb garden. Get inspiration from other things you have tried: magazines, cooking channels, etc., then experiment. If you have a passion for food, go with it!

What are your favorite H-F area places or businesses? 

I love every business that is a member of the Downtown Flossmoor Business Association and (I) try to help all of them by shopping in their businesses and promoting them as well. Does Flossmoor know that every business in (the) downtown Flossmoor strip is owned by a woman? That’s saying something.  I have my hair done at , nails at Jonathan Kane Salon, shop at Poppies and , Bank at , use all pastries for our desserts, have our truck serviced at , check out books at , make travel plans with , get my eye exams from Dr. Wendy Schweinfurth, teeth done by Dr. Judy Johnson, shop for great jewelry and cloths at , and looking forward to services at . State Farm Insurance, oh, yes, can’t forget a beer at the  or an ice cream in the summer!!!!!

What advice would you give someone who wanted to open up a local business?

Come on in!  We have a spot open on Flossmoor Road in the Civic Center and our landlord Marty Max of MLC Properties will be more than happy to help you make your dream a reality!

Any special events coming up? 

At Fresh Starts we have been conducting cooking classes on Monday evenings, so sign up for our e-mails at www.FreshStartsRestaurant.com. We just released our new spring menus, so come try them out. We will be celebrating our 25th year with wine dinners, wine tastings and other fun events. I am also the chair for the Fine Art Fair being held in downtown Flossmoor the weekend of June 4 & 5. There will be over 50 artists and craftsmen, food, music, and fun for the whole family.  The Downtown Flossmoor Business Association is also promoting "Shop Local," with a spring event in May which will help inform our community about keeping small businesses alive by supporting them and not big box shops. We will have great gifts and special offers in all the stores for shopping during our event. If people only shop big box stores and chain restaurants, one day we will wake up (and) all the small wonderful businesses will be gone. We must help each other!

Renee Gough May 19, 2011 at 01:45 AM
Fresh Starts catered our wedding 18 years ago and we LOVED it then and still love it! Joann made the BEST wedding cake I have EVER tasted! I will never forget how moist and delicious all the different layers were. Three different types of cake all iced in vanilla. YUM! The dinner was great too. I remember every detail about the food because it was soooo good. I live in Elmhurst now but love to come to Fresh Starts when I am in town!


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