EmpanadUS Offering Homewood Empanada Delivery

A percentage of sales tax will go back to the Village of Homewood.

If you happened to try one of EmpanadUS delicious empanadas while they were temporarily stationed in Global Fusions over the holiday season—there's a good chance you've had recurring cravings for them, since.

Well you're in luck.

The LaGrange based company got so many positive reviews from Homewood residents during their recent visit that they decided to do a mass delivery of frozen empanadas to our village. Best of all, the company says 8 percent of all tax generated on the sales will go back to the Village of Homewood.

"We figured we couldn't leave a town deprived of empanadas after having had people taste them," Leslie, from EmpanadUS said.

The official delivery date is Feb. 1, according to the EmpanadUS Facebook site. Exact prices have yet to be established.

"This is our first time doing this, so we are bettering specifics on the go," Leslie said.

If you'd like get in on the delivery, shoot EmpanadUS an email at info@empanadus.com and let them know you're interested! They'll reply with more info.


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