For Homewood Man, Cowboy Construction 'Was Fate'

After about 15 years in construction, Travis Tucker moved to Carpenter Street in Homewood and launched his own business.

Travis Tucker had worked in construction for about 15 years when his wife, Andrea, pushed him to start his own company after he moved in with her in Homewood, where they live, fittingly, on Carpenter Street. 

"I guess it was fate," Tucker said. "There are just certain people that have a knack for doing this kind of work. It just kind of came natural to me. It’s just like walking."

Tucker opened Cowboy Construction in 2010 and serves the south suburbs, though he's done jobs in Chicago, Elmhurst and other parts of the metro area. He got started in carpentry and construction when he was 19, tasked mostly with carrying around stuff. Although he was told it would take years before he understood everything, he was running the window installation crew within six months.

Because his family comes from Arkansas and Texas, and he was always fond of country music and pickup trucks, Tucker earned the nickname "Cowboy," which became the name for his business. And like any good cowboy, Tucker doesn't like to cut corners, a primary reason he wanted to start his own company. 

"I use the best products available at the time and do things the way they’re supposed to be done," he said.

Cowboy Construction will do just about anything that isn't roofing, electrical or plumbing, Tucker said, but he'll always help find the right person for the job. The company will do anything from changing a basic light fixture up to a full remodel of a bathroom or kitchen.  

One of the most memorable jobs was Tucker's first bathroom remodel, which was for a friend. It was a mess when he started, but his friend's daughter said it "looked like a princess bathroom." There was also a recent remodel of a 100-year-old coach house in Chicago, which he transformed from a small apartment into a one-bedroom home.

Tucker leaves the designs up to the customer, but will of course offer feedback if a vision won't work. Every day and every job is different, which is what he loves about the job.

"It’s building things. It’s making a difference," he said. "You start with something old and broken down, you put a little bit of time and effort into it and turn it into something new and great. To see the customers’ response to it is what keeps me going." 

Like Cowboy Construction on Facebook or call 708-365-8152 to learn more. 

Leslie Rissmiller January 22, 2014 at 08:26 AM
That was my bathroom, and it was most assuredly a princess bathroom when he was done!! (My little one loved it!!) When we moved we had Cowboy construction remodel our entire house and it turned it from the. 50's and 60's into a beautiful, modern, and safe (integral for us!) place to live!! :)
Joslyn Gould January 22, 2014 at 10:12 AM
Having been around home construction my entire life, I can honestly say these guys are awesome. I grew up in a house that was constantly under construction for remodeling (my father's passion) and have met all types of interesting folks in the construction/carpentry business - Travis and Michael are very passionate about doing a job that isn't just 'good', but that leaves the customer feeling elated.
Kristi Nommensen Dorson January 22, 2014 at 02:14 PM
Cowboy Construction did a full remodel of my parents' bathroom. They did an excellent job and the bathroom looks fantastic. (It hadn't been updated in probably 30 years.) Travis knows his stuff, he's honest and forthright, and he works hard!


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