Homewood Businesses Pair Up to Boost Business

Introducing, "Homewood Pairings"—a new feature the Village of Homewood hopes will help support local businesses, old and new.

Starting a successful business isn't quite as simple as hanging a shingle and hoping the customers will come. The ventures are time-consuming, expensive—and a little risky. 

The Village of Homewood wants its business owners—old and new—to feel safe stepping into a local entrepreneurial adventure. 

This spring the Village will debut "Homewood Pairings"—when two local businesses team up and combine or blend their offerings to present local shoppers with unique products, services, and things to do. Each Pairing demonstrates the creativity, generosity, and tenacity of Homewood business owners and a reminder to "local investors" to support the businesses new to the community and those they'd hate to see close their doors.

The first pairing features an incoming business and an old favorite located just next door—both on Dixie Highway in downtown Homewood.  

Soon to open its doors, Intense Conditioning will offer its first Mommy Boot Camp sessions to help moms drop the weight and get strong for summer while the kids meet-up, explore, and grow in World of Enrichment's one-of-a-kind learning environment. 

"Marketing in this town is so easy, because the business owners are so creative," said Rachael Jones, Public Relations & Special Events Manager.

Intense Conditioning, located at 18033 Dixie Highway, will offer two, six-week, 60-minute Mommy Boot Camp sessions combined with a 90-minute enrichment program for your child through World of Enrichment, starting April 8.

"We're always looking for ways to reintroduce ourselves to the community," said Kristine Hussain, owner of World of Enrichment. 

"This seemed like a 'no-brainer.' It makes the community a better place."

The Boot Camp’s morning fitness session is for moms with children ages two to four years old. World of Enrichment has created a program, Buen Dia!, for little ones to learn Spanish by exploring how to take care of their bodies through nutrition and exercise.

The evening fitness session is for moms with children any age under 12 years old. World of Enrichment supports the homework-drama with their Homework Club, which provides on-hand tutors to help tackle the most challenging homework assignment and coach through those tough subjects.

Each session has space for only 10 amazing ladies and each day is just $10 for mom and $10 per child. Sign up now

"As a mom of a 4- and 2-year-old, it's constantly choosing between their interests, or mine," Jones said. "This accomplishes both." 

Hussain said the first offer will start April 8 and last approximately six weeks; she hopes to have a new one in place over the summer.

"If it feeds a need and desire in the community," she said, "we'll just keep it doing it forever."

Find out more about this Pairing.

RJ March 19, 2014 at 10:53 AM
A reminder about a few AM & PM spots still open for Mommy Boot Camp, starting April 8. Again, its $10 for mom/$10 for your munchkin per class. I'm looking to get strong and slim down and really live up "tank top and short, short season"! Who's joining me? Get in before registration closes on March 21: http://worldofenrichment.wordpress.com/mommy-boot-camp/
RJ March 24, 2014 at 03:31 PM
I did it! I just registered for Mommy Boot Camp with their new "slow pay" option. I made a $40 commitment and will be billed $35 each week! I absolutely have no excuse now. I'm getting strong, and my little one will be exploring a new world as she learns how to be healthy in Espanol! Register today, it's the last week, moms: http://worldofenrichment.wordpress.com/mommy-boot-camp/


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