'Just Turkey' Owner Responds To Your Suggestions

A few weeks ago, we asked Homewood and Flossmoor residents to provide suggestions for Just Turkey Restaurant located at Ridge Road and Halsted Street. Now, owner Brian Latman responds with a special message to Patch readers.

A few weeks ago, Patch asked residents for suggestions on how to help the delectible, but struggling restaurant Just Turkey located at 17947 Halsted Street. 

Since then, many of you provided advice in our comments section, and owner Brian Latman has been carefully listening. In fact, the long time Homewood residents has already implemented changes based on Patch reader suggestions including. Some include:

  • A new customer loyalty card
  • An email sign up sheet
  • Trial delivery service to businesses 

As a gesture of appreciation for the feedback, Latman says he'll provide a meal on the house to all the original Patch readers who left a comment (he says he knows who you are, but we'll verify in the event of a dispute). 

New Faces

Latman says he's seen a modest increase in business since the Suggestion Box post went live—including many new faces. For those who haven't made it over to Just Turkey yet, some of the items you're missing out on include: barbeque turkey tips; turkey ribs; turkey burgers with turkey bacon and even turkey lasagna. 

Check out Just Turkey in the Patch Directory


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