Local Bakery Sweet Annie's Debuts Paczkis for Fat Tuesday

Sweet Annie's Bakery in Flossmoor offered paczkis for the first time ever this Fat Tuesday.

For the first time since opening two and a half years ago, in Flossmoor offered paczkis on its menu in honor of Fat Tuesday.

Owner Anne Aboushousha said the coveted treat did not last long.

“We had 200 made, and by noon, we ran out,” Aboushousha said. “Someone ate one … came back, and got six more!”

Aboushousha said Sweet Annie's typically doesn’t offer items like donuts or paczkis because the bakery does not have the necessary ventilation for such an undertaking.

However, not wanting to disappoint hungry patrons craving the Polish treat, imported paczki shells from and added their own fillings, including whipped cream, strawberry and chocolate butter cream.

The availability of the treat was good news for people used to shopping at in Homewood, which featured paczkis annually until its recent closing.

The overwhelming positive response has inspired Aboushousha to start offering paczkis every Friday during Lent.

“We’ve already got three orders for Friday," Aboushousha said.


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