Unknown Man Takes Homewood Girl From Home, Drops Her Off in Flossmoor

The girl was dropped off, unharmed, in front of a nearby Flossmoor home, according to police.

A grade school aged little girl was mysteriously taken from her Homewood home over the weekend and dropped off at a Flossmoor residence, according to an electronic notice from the desk of Homewood Police Chief Larry Burnson.

The limited information released by police says a thin, balding man with a beard took the girl from her Homewood residence near the 1500 block of 183rd early Saturday morning and drove her over to a home in Flossmoor where he briefly stopped his car before moving on to another Flossmoor home. The man dropped the girl off at the second stop, and she managed to ring the bell and get assistance.

The girl was taken to the hospital for evaluation, and it was determined that she was physically unharmed. 

Anyone with information on this event is asked to call the Homewood Police Department at 708-206-3420.


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