Homewood Police Blotter: Cell Phone Thief, Home Depot Meltdown, Texas Spend-Em

Homewood police reports, April 11-June 1.


Bad Call for Homewood Man

A Homewood man told police he attempted to do a good deed, but it backfired when his cell phone was stolen by a young scam artist. The man said he was at Irwin Park when a teenager approached him, asking to use his cell phone. When the man agreed and handed over his phone, the teen fled with the phone, the report said. The cell phone thief was described as African American, about 14 years old, 5-foot-9 and weighing around 105 pounds, police said.

Losing Pants, Wallet at H-F Racquet Club

A Flossmoor man had clothing and other items stolen from a locker inside a changing room at the Homewood-Flossmoor Racquet Club, 2920 183rd St., according to a report. The man said he left a pair of blue jeans valued at $40, a wallet containing $20, and his cellphone in an unlocked locker around 6 p.m. When the man returned to the locker, he discovered the items were missing, the report said. The total loss is estimated at $180.

Grandfather Calls 911 After Child's Home Depot Meltdown

A grandfather repeatedly called 911 from inside Home Depot during an argument with his unruly grandson, according to a police report. The man placed six different calls to the emergency switchboard during his trip to the hardware store at 17845 Halsted St., police said. When an officer arrived, the man admitted making the calls, explaining that his grandson was "acting up" and takes medications. When questioned by police about the incident, the grandson said his mother is imprisoned, he is not in contact with his father, and he wished to remain with his grandfather, who did not mistreat him, police said. The grandfather and grandson went home together, and no one was charged. 


Texas Man's Credit Card Used in Local Shopping Spree

Officers from the police department in La Marque, Texas, contacted the Homewood Police Department after verifying that a Texas man's debit card was used for fraudulent purchases at four Homewood businesses, police said. The ACU of Texas debit card issued by a Houston metro community credit union was used on April 11 at Home Depot, for $91.67; at Pep Boys, for $335.45; at Kmart for $103.08; and at Appleby's for $103.44, according to the report.


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