$20K Awarded Through Façade and Property Improvement Program.

The money will be going towards improvements to Jacob Grad's property at 18141 Dixie Highway.

Village Board voted unanimously during last Tuesday's meeting to award no more than $20,116 to Jacob Grad of Allied Realty for improvements to his property at 18141 Dixie Highway.

Grad’s application for the incentive funding was “one of the better applications,” Homewood Community Development Director Paula Wallrich has seen, she said.

“This is the real intent of a TIF,” Village President Richard Hofeld said. “(Allied Realty) is a pleasure to work with.”

Trustee Tom Kataras took issue with the bid process in the agreement, though. He wanted to know why no local contractors were selected for the improvement projects.

Wallrich said it is difficult to find local contractors for reasons such as non-availability or because other contractors outbid local ones.

Both Trustee Anne Colton and Jay Heiferman supported Kataras’ contention, however.

Later in the meeting, Kataras requested Village Attorney Chris Cummings look into the possibility of an ordinance amendment that would require local representation in the bidding process for any TIF financed projects. Trustee Ray Robertson vocalized his support of Kataras’ idea. Cummings said he’ll look into it. 


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