2nd District Candidate Victor Jonathan Gives a Businessman's Take on Job Creation

Thanks to a lengthy background in business leadership, Jonathan says he is the best equipped to bring jobs to the 2nd District.

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, I met Victor Jonathan at International Bible Fellowship Church on the South Side of Chicago.

Jonathan had a lot to say about creating jobs in the 2nd District during the interview, and he touted his background in business as a major strength going into the Feb. 26 election. 

Visit Victor Jonathan's candidate profile on Patch to watch the extended video of the interview.

Key Issues


Jonathan said jobs were not being discussed enough by the other candidates, and that the companies that can create jobs in area are redlining the South Suburbs to produce opportunities in the north and northwest suburbs. He said he would like to work with those companies to bring jobs back to the district.

Gun Violence

Jonathan said he would take background checks a step further and asked that everyone in the household of a potential gun owner have a background check as well. He said this would help avoid straw purchases.

Noteworthy Quotes

"Once they get into the gangs, it's too late. We're telling gang members or people that already are prone to violence, 'Don't shoot, don't shoot.' That does not work. They will not hear that." - On addressing the problem with violence to younger children.

The Takeaway

Jonathan has proven to be a loud, passionate voice when it comes to the issues that matter most to him. He has focused extensively on jobs and youth violence, which are very relevant issues to the 2nd District deserve plenty of attention.

On the flip side, he shares the opinion of several other candidates in this race and it may be difficult for a voter to rationalize picking Jonathan over one of the more well-known candidates.

What do you think? Does Victor Jonathan's business background make him the ideal congressman for the 2nd District? Tell us in the comments!

NEXT: Eric M. Wallace tells us why he thinks a Republican should be the next congressman to represent the 2nd District.

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Arthur W. Wiggins Jr. February 11, 2013 at 12:58 PM
Just looking at his multitude of diverse degrees, and his current occupation all I can say is HELL NO. Back ground check of everybody in the house? This is America not despot land.
Joe Lake February 11, 2013 at 02:16 PM
Candiate Victor Jonathan is on the ballot for 2nd IL Congressional District primary election on Feb. 26, 2013. He did not receive any challenges to his nominating petition. It's an 'Open Primary.' There are 21 Democrats and 5 Republicans on the ballot. It's called democracy. Joe Lake, Chicago
Debbie Hart February 11, 2013 at 09:53 PM


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