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Hello Patchland. Welcome back to Feedback Friday, the feature that features you. Thanks to you, we've seen some exceptional growth on the H-F Patch Facebook page recently. Right now, we're at 1,319 friends and counting. That's more than 50 "likes" this month! As thanks, we want to highlight some of the action from H-F Patch and the H-F Patch Facebook page.

Overheard on Facebook

Earlier this week, . Some have said this is a poor allocation of resources. Others think is entirely justified in making the request and receiving hte money. Here's what you had to say:

  • "And they would make us give Aurelio's tax credits when they are financially successful? give me a break."
  • "Save the dough for something more important than additional space at Aurelios"
  • "You can't be mad, they're just playing the game."
  • "Its aurelios, need I say more:)"
  • "Good for them!"
  • "Why would a profitable business need help?"
  • "I think it's fantastic!! When many businesses - and franchises - are leaving Homewood, this one is staying. Do you see all the license plates from around the country in their lot over the holidays? This is one business that is doing good and keeping Homewood alive."
  • "Love the idea"

Overheard on Patch

It's been a hot week for the Village of Homewood. In addition to the Aurelio's financing, . Village President Richard Hofeld defended the sign, saying it will allow for significantly greater communication with residents. Trustee Anne Colton voted no on the item, claiming the location is too hazardous for such a sign. Trustee Jay Heiferman also voted no. His complaint was about the logo, which he referred to as a Rorschach (ink blob) test. Here's what our readers had to say in response:

  • "Yep, just what we need to spend more money on, another useless expenditure!! How about getting all those DEAD Ash trees cut down!! Maybe we need someone inthe village hall who knows how to curb un-needed spending. Time to go Hofield!!"
  • "Actually, it's not a useless expenditure at all. The old sign is pretty crappy and a new, electronic sign would be helpful. I do question the timing, though. This is really not that urgent an issue; perhaps it might have been better to wait until the economy straightened up before spending money on this?"
  • "I think our Village Board does an amazing job and agree with most of what they do. Being in Real Estate and dealing with the financial struggle most people are having on a daily basis I do question every dollar being spent and ask "is this the right time for this investment". I know our village looks fantastic and every little upgrade helps...just wonder is now the best time, is the money coming from our already astronomical property taxes, are we just using up some of the tax money the Federal Government has been "giving" to the states?"
  • "There you have it, "The final vote was three to three, with Village President Richard Hofeld casting the tiebreaking "yes" vote." Did our village president hear or read his Homewood constituents comments on the HF Patch in regard to this sign before his vote? Is he concerned about spending our hard earned Homewood taxpayers money on an exorbitant price for a sign? NO, he has his own agenda, with no concern for the taxpayers. As babyboomer stated: "Yep, just what we need to spend more money on, another useless expenditure!! Maybe we need someone in the village hall who knows how to curb un-needed spending. Time to go Hofield!!" I agree, time for Mr. Hofeld to retire, he is out of touch with most of his constituents. Homewood needs to enact term limits which are long over due in regard to the Homewood's village president position. Homewood needs to stop the careless, reckless spending in this economy. It's become a frequent habit of Homewood."
  • (Response to above)"... and when is the last time you stopped by the village hall on a saturday morning ?"
  • (Response to above)"Good point (redacted), those with issues about what is going on with the village should get involved. Great way to start is to stop by on a Saturday morning and talk with Hofeld---and if you still have issues with the way the village is being run, you have two choices; you can move---or you can run for office. When no one runs against those being supported by the party in power things will continue going more that direction (regardless of the organization)"
  • (Response to above)"Plenty of people are not comfortable with conflict and awkward situations, and plenty more may not be articulate enough to argue their positions against an experienced pol, so I don't know why confronting the mayor at one of his Saturday bull sessions should be a prerequisite to opposing his policies or his political candidacy. Our system is designed so that persons unhappy with their representatives are not required to "move" -- or run for office themselves. But I agree some fresh blood is needed in local politics...."

Thanks again to all our friends for your continued readership and support.


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