Candidate Claims Media Misrepresented Statements on Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jackson's opponent, Marcus Lewis, says his comments on mental disorders were misunderstood.

A candidate in the general election for the Second District Congressional seat said Chicago Heights Patch misinterpreted his comments about incumbent Jesse Jackson Jr.

Independent candidate Marcus Lewis recently told Patch the news of Jackson's bipolar disorder diagnosis .

In these comments, Lewis seemed to cite an example of how the public would react if it learned the president of the United States had such a disorder, but Lewis claims he was not referring to a president in his example, but rather a candidate for president.

"You wrote it wrong," Lewis said. "I was talking about a person running for office, not someone already in office. I was talking about Jackson as a candidate, not as a Congressman. He's mental. He's unelectable. People should be able to use that information to make an informed decision."

Lewis referenced Thomas Eagleton's short-lived 1972 vice presidential candidacy. Eagleton resigned from the Democratic ticket after it was revealed he suffered from depression.

"He dropped out of the race because of mental health issues," Lewis said. "They knew it would hurt them."

While times have changed, Lewis said he believes Jackson's diagnosis should still factor into voters' decision.

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BUTCH August 30, 2012 at 02:01 PM
Mr Lewis do u have any PROFILES in COURAGE" SHOW backbone and stop by allowing store front and non existant churches to operate- in a T PARTY government the only perks will be left in government will be for the Plutocrats of the T PARTY If you make it by some miracle and not a stalking horse or deep pocket wannabe begin a campaign to have every DEM-PROGRESSIVE in congress sign a pledge similar to the CONTRACT on MURKA and the one the Traitors gave and give to GROVER your pledge will actually cut waste and fraud by eliminating the non essential perks enjoyed by the looters in congress if the store front ministers are doing their share the looting has to be cut also.
BUTCH September 04, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Everyone with a pulse Is 79th St Chatham in the 2nd Dist? Why do unscrupulous humanoids running for congress never mention the most pressing issue for all the LOCALS? BANGERS-DRUGS and public safety! Is this why these humanoids who lack courage and morals are running to get away from the KILLING FIELDS?? CALL ME HOPELESS I CALL U ALL OSTRICHES! Where is the outrage ? are we all this jaded and brain dead? \ It is past time to mobilize the 99% of concerned citizens ministers and all other tax dodgers to inform the WH -STOP the wars on TERROR -DRUGS and OIL for the Cheney family, WHY are they not on trial for war crimes instead of not orchestrating the Zionist LOG-CABIN TPARTY. attacks on the oldest Christians on the Planet and the Muslims? if f 99% of the PEOPLE of color are for the PRESIDENT I would assume IT WOULD BE EASY TO LEVERAGE this for Jobs and to protect their lives and families all over the region by calling the WH and urge the Pres issue a exec order to STOP THE KILLINGS by legalizing drugs the WH is aware it would raise more than 70 BILLION ANNUALLY enough to finance a jobs program like high speed RR and plenty more.
Marcus Lewis November 02, 2012 at 07:11 PM
My campaign is piercing through decades of no action for this district that have stunted the forward progress for the residents of the former district borders. Just look at the Villages of Harvey, Dixmoor, Phoenix, Robbins, Riverdale to name just a few. The Chicago Southeast-side is left abandon and left to fend for itself which is why I am running to bring this Jackson-style of governing to a screeching halt! So I know the newly added counties of Will & Kankakee will feel relief with Marcus Lewis at the helm not only will receive the Love, Care, Concern & Resources they are due but the entire district! I hope the residents and voters of the entire district will come to believe that the era of Jesse Jackson Jr. will come to an end on Nov. 6th, 2012 because they voted for Marcus Lewis in mass. I am here to help and will put all of my efforts with the backing of the U.S. Government behind rebuilding the areas hardest hit first because the need is so great. But every area will get the focused attention they deserve. So stand with me now 2nd District. We must roll up our sleeves and sit down together and get to work and put in action plans that you will see positive steps that we mean business on picking up ourselves and getting back our identity. We matter and I am going to show the state and country that the 2nd District is a player in the larger scheme of things positive. BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST, VOTE FOR MARCUS LEWIS FOR CONGRESS ON NOV.6TH!
Marcus Lewis November 10, 2012 at 06:51 AM
I was right. I told the truth. http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/11/09/former-u-s-prosecutor-negotiating-plea-deal-for-jackson-jr/
Bobby Breeze December 14, 2012 at 01:54 AM
Elected Official???? Coming from you, that is deplorable. You are as fraudulant as they come. Show us your "Degree" from Lewis University. Produce a check stub from the Sheriff., heard you got fired.... Inform us on your paternity suit you refuse to pay child support on. Where do you live again? Go away Marc Wiley. Your game is very close to exposure. You are a joke!


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