Congressmen Davis and Rush Endorse Robin Kelly: 2nd District Race

The announcement came at a Feb. 10 press conference at the Little Black Pearl Art Center in Chicago.

At least one 2nd District candidate had a good Sunday afternoon, as two congressmen announced their support from Robin Kelly at a press conference in Chicago.

Congressmen Bobby Rush and Danny Davis added their names to a growing list of elected officials supporting Kelly.

 “Robin Kelly has the kind of pragmatism that you need to get results in Washington, while never compromising her beliefs like many do," Davis said. "If we are going to stop the NRA in their tracks, and make our communities safe again, Robin Kelly is the right woman for the job.” 

Rush and Davis echoed each other, both expressing confidence that she would support President Barack Obama in fighting gun violence.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Congressmen Rush and Davis, and look forward to working with them and our President to rid our streets of dangerous weapons, and make the second Congressional district a place where people are proud to live, work and raise their families,” said Kelly.

Ald. Anthony Beale, who is also a candidate in the race, has cited Rush and Davis as examples of former Chicago aldermen who are now strong congressmen.

Check out our series of one-on-one video interviews with the 2nd District candidates.

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Pam February 18, 2013 at 05:42 PM
Facts are facts! Neither I nor candidate CHARLES RAYBURN have been disrespectful. History has always recorded that a prophet is not without honor among their own people: Kill the messenger of bad news, even though the news is true: and get rid of the whistle blower and keep the scum bags that are breaking all of the rules. (more to come)
BUTCH February 18, 2013 at 05:49 PM
Thanks again Taylor SHE GONE!
Juvenal February 22, 2013 at 06:00 PM
Kelly's opponents are all so incompetent, underfunded, or both that no one seems to remember that when she was running the Illinois Treasurer's office (while Alexi G. campaigned) she allowed wildly improper investments of Chicago's Bright Start college savings plan, resulting in tens of millions in dollars of losses to familiies trying to save for college: http://www.cdobs.com/archive/featured/will-this-cover-up-sink-the-treasurer/
BUTCH February 22, 2013 at 07:05 PM
Sorry Juv that's the plan? There is no David Axlerod or Don Rose creation here, I don't know if u were around when the elected JJJ by getting rid of the only guy in Congress that did not take orders that was not Mel but the guy he beat a neighbor of his Gus Savage and setting MEL up to fail, This is all part of the plan none of them are relevant and will do much than open a office may still in HW TO answer requests for non existant help. None of them can be even back bench potted plants and everyone in the Dist not on OXY or the other heroin with a IQ over 75 know it. Mel and Deb have gotten the taste of the good life and the rest want to get their slice of the pie, don't be mad or frustrated it is the plan!
Veronica February 22, 2013 at 11:21 PM
I must let the reading public know what transpired at the forum last night at St. John. A gentleman was troubled over an incident with his child. In his question he noted that he was having a problem etc. Anthony W. Williams offered to help him stating he didn't have to wait until being elected. No one else stood up to offer this man assistance until AFTER Anthony W. Williams, a true public servant, volunteered. Before casting your vote, please visit www.voteanthonywwilliams.com and compare the others to someone who does not remain silent on the issues, the candidate who will not be bought, the candidate who the majority of candidates said they would vote for if they themselves were not running, and the man who will bring the seat back to the people, Anthony W. Williams. brought pension tampering to light and 40k retirees got refunds, helped the late Rocky Clark keep insurance, Robbins library to stay open to the public, fought unfairness in jobs and contracts and against front companies. Will call for a moratorium on foreclosures and high energy costs, expungements for non violent felons and much more visit website and compare. This is who our votes should be cast for. A man who has been helping people in our district and people all over because he is a servant of the people. God bless you Mr. Anthony Williams. I hope all see your worth and the benefit of you in office. God bless


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