Deadline Tuesday to Purchase Flossmoor Vehicle Stickers

Avoid a late fee by purchasing your vehicle sticker on time.

Flossmoor residents must purchase and display a vehicle sticker (vehicle license) for every vehicle that is registered to or housed within the Village.  The vehicle sticker must be renewed every year and secured to the lower right hand corner of the front windshield.

Residents have until April 15 to purchase and display the sticker in order to avoid being charged an additional $15 for the vehicle sticker.  New residents have up to 30 days to display a vehicle sticker.

Stickers can be purchased three ways:
  • Village Hall:  Monday through Friday,  8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • By nail:  Village of Flossmoor,  2800  Flossmoor  Rd., Flossmoor, Illinois  60422 (Stickers will be mailed back to you.)

  • Green Drop Box:  Located in the parking lot of the Village Hall (Stickers will be mailed back to you.)
*Please make checks payable to Village of Flossmoor.

Fees are as follows:
  • Cars  $40.00
    • Seniors 65 and up receive 1 sticker per household at $15.00
  • Trucks
    • A or B  $40.00
    • Over B  $65.00
  • RV  $40.00
  • Motorcycles  $20.00
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Jennifer Molski April 17, 2014 at 05:31 PM
Every year as I write my check to the Village of Flossmoor for $70 for my car and 2 pooches I can’t help but think what an antiquated, outdated practice this Vehicle/Pet registration is. I would like to know the actual costs involved with the administration of this program? These include direct costs of printing of carbonless forms along with envelopes, postage costs of mailings to residents, printing of the actual stickers and the indirect costs of staff time and ongoing enforcement. While I understand Flossmoor does not have the sales tax income of some of our neighboring towns and relies on these fees I would encourage the Village to explore some other more cost effective means. Seems like a new approach would be a nice, refreshing and well-deserved break for Flossmoor Residents who are already burdened by high taxes. An increasing number of suburbs are moving away from vehicle sticker programs and perhaps Flossmoor could follow suit. My idea is to include the annual vehicle/pet fee in one of the quarterly water bills ONLY if the Village is able to lower the annual vehicle fees (CUT IN HALF?) as a result of doing away with the high administration costs. Just a thought!


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