'I Know How to Get People Jobs,' Says 2nd District Candidate Gregory Haynes

Haynes says his background has given him a "specialized knowledge" about how businesses work and how to create jobs.

On Wednesday, Feb. 13, I met Gregory Haynes at his home in Lynwood.

Haynes has an extensive background in workforce development and said he believes, for that reason, he could bring jobs to the 2nd District. Haynes talked about the Peotone airport project as if it is just one bullet-point in a long list of economic building blocks for the district.

Visit Gregory Haynes's candidate profile on Patch to watch his speech about the 2nd District.

Key Issues


Jobs, jobs, jobs. That was by far Haynes's chief concern for the district. Haynes said he would make sure enough money is appropriated for the public employment service system. He said he wants to make sure these parts of the government have enough resources to connect employers with potential employees.

Gun Violence

Haynes noted he has talked about his advocacy for mandatory sentencing for weeks and that anyone carrying an unlicensed gun should be incarcerated for at least five years. But Haynes said that's only a part of what needs to be done to curb gun violence.

Noteworthy Quotes

"(Companies) tend to go where they're going to make a profit ... So what you want to do is highlight those markets in the 2nd Congressional District that are profitable. It's not just the airport. The airport should be a linchpin or just one feature of a total economic package." - On economic development in the 2nd Congressional District.

The Takeaway

Haynes's seems to put a lot of thought into his stances on the issues. He doesn't regurgitate what all the other candidates are saying and can pinpoint where he diverges with President Barack Obama on certain issues.

On the other hand, Haynes's focus on jobs will put him in the hot seat with each debate. He'll need to convince voters that he really can bring about a return on their investment.

What do you think? Does Haynes's background make him the ideal man for the job? Tell us in the comments!

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Dinkum February 15, 2013 at 02:02 PM
Oh no. The airport is a dead idea. More tax dollars for the "public employment system"? Look D2 candidates. Stop believing that throwing more tax dollars at "programs" is the answer here. Focus on getting rid of the Davis-Bacon Act and wage control laws. Reduce business regulations and taxes so business want to be here. Create more economic freedom and support a free market system. Do your homework on what this means and why it matters.


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