Illinois Politicos: Paul Ryan VP Selection Could Energize Both Parties

Patch surveyed local Democrats and Republicans about the impact of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's selection as Mitt Romney's GOP running mate.

Illinois Democrats and Republicans both believe the will energize their party's voters in the 2012 presidential election.

That's the general feeling gathered from the Land of Lincoln survey issued by Patch in the Chicago area. Ninety-three Republicans and 89 Democrats were surveyed, though only 14 and nine replied, respectively, by the time of publication. 

About 77 percent of Republicans who responded said they believe the Ryan selection will galvanize Illinois Republicans, while 87 percent of Democratic respondents said the choice will bring together their voters against Ryan. 


Republicans who replied to the survey generally believed a Romney-Ryan ticket will help galvanize Republicans, particularly in our neighboring Wisconsin, but differed as to whether it would impact the Illinois vote. 

"Illinois informed voters will respond to a ticket that has a budget plan to get the country back on track," one Republican said. "We need a responsible fiscally conservative approach to government in this state too."

Another GOP member, however, said, "Illinois is stuck with Obama regardless of what the Republicans do."

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Democrats have blasted Congressman Ryan for his proposed budget plan and Medicare spending. The budget plan looks to lower the national debt by targeting social programs such as Medicare, and also lowers the top tax rate paid by corporations and the wealthy, according to The Washington Post. 

So could Ryan's stance on these issues be a rallying cry for Illinois Democrats in this election? Democrats surveyed said yes, while Republicans said it won't help get them elected.

We asked the Land of Lincoln participants if Illinois Democrats could win in this election if they ran against Ryan's proposals. About 92 percent of Republicans surveyed said they either "strongly" or "somewhat" disagreed that it would help Democrats. Meanwhile, 88 percent of Democrats "strongly" or "somewhat" agreed that it would help their party to run against Ryan's stance on these issues. 

"How far right he is will move him away from Independents," one Democratic respondent said. Another said Ryan's selection will energize senior citizens in particular.

But Republicans in Illinois lauded Ryan as a "bold choice" and a "proven conservative," touting his knowledge of the budget and financial issues facing the country. 


Patch editors throughout the Chicago suburbs enlisted local people involved with politics to take our Land of Lincoln surveys. Go to the links below to see a full roster of those involved. Want to take our next survey? Email associate regional editor Michael Sewall at michael.sewall@patch.com

frank September 06, 2012 at 04:49 AM
Good to see that the loonies of New Lenox are still at it with their stupid comments. Merry Christmas! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,,
BUTCH September 14, 2012 at 08:25 PM
I was watching the TPARTY gathering in Tampa and was moved by the tribute to VET's that was a millisecond long i also am amazed at TWIT'S FOREIGN POLICY MESSAGE the one that will be drawn by the NETANYAHOOS that will put us out front by borrowing more TRILLIONS from Sheldon's partners in Red China for the CHENEY,'S , Blackwater and the 1% the missing FBAR info has to do with his CAYMAN ISLAND CORPORATION aka people there that are using malware to loot the assets including PAYPAL accounts .
BUTCH September 18, 2012 at 09:17 PM
NEW LENOX and national Tparty trolls aka wannabe 1% u all are who Leona Helmsley was talking about when she gave her tax advice"only little people pay taxes" if any of u are 1% u would be at the sex mansion where TWIT explains is election strategy! For me u remind of the overwhelming number of Fla and Illinois village idiots ( Fla is where the medicare robber the Gov Fla and Lyin do their infomercials ) have been thrown under the bus by TWIT,who is only seeking votes from folks who do not get SSA-SSI and whose INCOME is over 200, 000 his version of the middle class this should be a cake walk for TWIT and LYIN, the idiots meanwhile who want the guberment out of their medicare and who lost their shirt on wall street in 07 all they had to do was wait it out for a DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION the idiots were screaming for the government to get out of their Medicare have said nary a word about the Paulson banksters 14 TRILLION gift from his Busheviik Treasury dept and the CEO BANKSTERS the (1%) 100 BILLION IN BONUSES still want OBAMA out of their MEDICARE, The Mayor of NEW LENOX a 1% in the making who is pulling himself up by his bootstraps makes more than the 250,000 middle class TWIT talks about even as he is on disability he is the envy of the TPARTY of NEW LENOX for sure.
John Roberts September 19, 2012 at 11:42 AM
Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney can not even agree with each other on subjects.Now Mitt Romney has himself and Paul Ryan to go against.....while Obama sits back and tries to let the U.N. small arms treaty pass...Making a world wide gun registration database. PEACE & LIBERTY will only come if Ron Paul was President,From President to President history proves that the preachings have all been the same war for peace,war for Oil in disguise of peace,world policing, and through time we ask ourselves what is going on? what is this world coming to? Why do the leaders we elect seem to go against every belief a human being has? Because we have been electing the same demeanor of people into office,the whole demeanor of the 2 political parties is corruption pays,lobbiest pay,companies pay,oil pays,war pays all to the corporations all of these members of these 2 parties have interests in. Ron pau does not care if you built a company on the platform that it was going to screw as many people as it can,if you collect as much money as you can from people and you spend your money unwisely and you get busted or have to shut down it is your own fault.....Romney said 47% of Americans do not matter to him.100% don't matter to Obama.....Everyone matters to Ron Paul....
BUTCH September 24, 2012 at 09:32 PM
Good post Paul is on target on the Empire and pentagon which goes broke in every Senate Def appropriation bill the best one came from the guy who was building the bridge to nowhere and said it in this way. what I disagree with Paul and TWIT is the freedom to pollute the Gulf OF MEX or Lake Michigan and freedom to have a dozen tax shelters and 3 mansions with car elevators and paying or pay the same rate as the dancing horse trainer BECAUSE U BOTH ARE freedom lovers he is the typical NEO wavin the flag and depriving the returning Vet's their health care and a job, while u both agree that freedom to keep the air poisoned and freedom to forgive your doctor if he operates on the wrong limb or person.in other words what Paul and the Tparty agree on is it is OK to poison clean air water and any reg that is consumer friendly is anti freedom,


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