Lawmaker Wants 'Kill Switch' on Cell Phones

The so-called "kill switch" could be flipped if a phone is lost or stolen—helping to curb the resale of the phones on the black market.

State Sen. Toi Hutchinson wants to trip up thieves looking to make a buck off of stolen or lost cell phones.

Hutchinson (D-Chicago Heights) has proposed a bill that would require any cell phone bought or sold in Illinois to have a "kill switch,"  that when activated would render the phone inoperable if lost or stolen.

The requirement would hopefully make it trickier for the phones to be resold on the black market. The legislation would also prohibit wireless providers and manufacturers from tacking on extra fees for the phones.

The bill (SB3539) would ideally help curb the theft of smart phones, Hutchinson touts.

Robert February 24, 2014 at 08:31 AM
Hello Lawmakers....How about a kill switch for texting and driving????? Wake up Bozo's, and instead of legalizing pot get your brains in gear and start making laws to aid civilized tax paying society members. I see these kids with no regard, texting on their way to school on the expressways causing accidents everyday. Runners and bikers, beware, they are driving up curbs and crossing center lanes and not moving at green lights. This is a bigger problem.
Jim Kotecki February 24, 2014 at 11:07 AM
Hey all you geniuses. How exactly are you going to make a kill switch to stop cell phone use when driving? Do you think before you demand things or just turn off your brain and vote with pure emotion? Are you going to 1) Make it so when you enter the car it disables your phone? That would render it useless even in Park. Plus it probably wouldn't work on older models because it would have to be built into the car. 2) Make is so that the GPS would convey that you were moving and disable it? That's great. If it was any motion then it would be disabled when jogging. If you had to get to a certain speed now you are talking about it not disabling the phone in school zones because the speed would be too low. Also, what if you are in a car/bus and are a PASSENGER. It really is like you don't bother to think any solutions through yourself and just throw out your demands to Mother Government and hope she regulates and taxes a solution up for you.
Joe Kocur February 24, 2014 at 11:12 AM
The kill switch is called your side arm your carrying. Pull the trigger and empty 6 of the 12 slugs you have in your weapon. No need for kill switch.
Eric Blair February 24, 2014 at 06:02 PM
Lost phones aren’t really a big enough problem to call for such legislation. Only a pretext to cover for the real reason. The “police state” doesn’t want people recording their unlawful actions against the rest of us. The police would love to be able to turn off the phones of anyone recording their violent behavior. Surely the police would be the ones possessing the “kill switch” device along with the phone companies. Not a day goes by without some video recording the police (any state, U.S.A.) beating and/or killing some poor sap for some nonsensical reason. Note to Joe: I only got five in my big bore revolver, shouldn’t/don’t really need six.
Edward Andrysiak March 06, 2014 at 03:58 PM
I would rather keep CONTROL of my phone with me! To discourage thefts and reuse, perhaps the phones can be made to accept a personal security code. So you if you want to input a security code to render the phone useless you can. If you answer yes you install up to ten numbers which are the "combination" to start and keep your phone operating. You could program in a frequency code which simply is how often you want your phone to ask you to re input the security code. So, if stolen or lost it operates for just the mount of time you entered for the next restart code to be entered. Assuming the finder or thief can't break your code...the phone is inoperative. It' a do it yourself version of what they want to make law. I like it better!


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