The Homewood Metra Station: Minutes With the Mayor

In this installment of "Minutes with the Mayor," Village President Richard Hofeld explains his awareness of the condition of Homewood's Metra stop and tells his efforts to help make it better.

Patch gathered questions from readers, for  Village President Richard Hofeld. Now, we're airing a series of video responses to the questions readers voted as most pressing.

In this edition, Hofeld answers: what is going on with the Homewood Metra station? His response? Metra wants to improve it, but they're lacking the funds to do so. He says the village is trying to help out.


With regard to the Homewood Metra station, Flossmoor is being done at this time and we have had the executive director of Metra out here two weeks ago along with Don De Graff the mayor of South Holland. Don is a Metra board member and he’s been very cooperative in trying to get some attention from Metra for our station. I say our station is the worst one on the Metra electric line—the water that comes into the tunnel, the stairs that are deteriorating, the ceiling tiles that are coming down—it’s terrible. On top of that, the station itself—they throw a ton of salt up on the platform in the wintertime and the stucco is just coming apart.

So when we had the director and the assistant director of Metra out here several weeks ago, they admit that it needs work and it needs work fast. So we’re trying to work with them to get funding and they put in grants and Metra has said they just don’t have the resources for capital improvements. I have written two letters on Metra’s behalf for grants for the Homewood Metra station. One was denied and the other one is still pending. We will continue to push to get improvements to the Metra station.

Flossmoor residents: be on the lookout for a Flossmoor edition of "Minutes with the Mayor" soon!

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carolyn bury August 14, 2012 at 06:04 PM
I agree that the Van Buren station is in a terrible state. I have e-mailed Metra several times, the transportation writer at the Southtown, and Dick Durbin and never had a response from anyone. My concern is with expousre issues via inhalation of toxic materials. With all the loose and falling patches of ceiling and wall materials, and the old broken flourescent lights in the tunnel, I wonder whether commuters and workers are inhaling asbestos, old caulk and paint with PCBs, and PCBs from broken light ballasts. Also, there is a permanent discharge of a white milky substance from cracks in the floor in the tunnel leading to Track 2. This could contain volatile organic compounds or other toxic substances which commuters and workers are inhaling. There is an air vent at the east end of the station tunnel that pours out water during heavy rain and I question the structural integrity of the tunnel.


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