New Mural Orders; Incentive Money for New Restaurant: On the Agenda

A preview of what's on the agenda for Tuesday night's Homewood Village Board meeting.

Homewood Village President Richard Hofeld and the village trustees will meet at  on Tuesday, June 26 at 7:30 p.m.

Public Works Director, Firefighters Honored

Homewood Public Works Director John Schaefer will be honored for 30 years of service to the village.

Homewood firefighters Matthew Moran, Kevin Wake, Steven Gutzmer, William Wright, John Elashik, Jr., Ryan Schneiter, Emilie Wadman, and Steven DeJong arer all being recognized for their role in saving people who were having heart attacks. Firefighters Timothy Cameron, Lawrence Lipinski, Jason Presnak, Ryan Tracy, Steven Gutzmer and Bryan Wolfe are all being honored for their involvement in an ice dive rescue. Last, but not least, Ava Petrovic is being honored with a 911 Hero Award.

Three New Mural Orders

The Village of Homewood will vote on a motion to pay famed mural artist Richard Haas $33,000 for three new murals in the central business district. Haas' work can already be seen downtown at locations such as the Homewood Florist and Melody Mart. Haas is most notably known for his usage of the art technique, Trompe-l'œil. The village will aslo be voting to spend $75,150 to Thomas Melvin Painting Studio for painting services for the three new murals, making a total of $108,150.

New Liquor License, TIF Incentive Money for New Southgate Restaurant

The trustees will vote on a motion to increase the number of Class 4A liquor licenses from two to three in accomodation of the upcoming fine dining restaurant . The restaurant is also applying for $212,500 through the Retail Enhancement, Façade and Property Improvement and Go Green TIF programs.

Teri K Baldwin June 25, 2012 at 11:25 PM
The kids in the H-F art classes AND the teachers are all hughly talented. Why not have them or Prairie State students/faculty do the murals?
Tom June 26, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Richard Haas' art is amazing (check it out at richardhaas.com), combining history and architecture, real and imaginary at the same time...I think it's great to have some of this artist's work in Homewood.
DJ Morgan June 26, 2012 at 12:05 AM
I think there are a LOT of other ways we could be spending those tax dollars. Supporting our local artist would make so much more sense!
Ladydemo June 26, 2012 at 01:44 PM
Am I getting this right, 108K plus for an outdoor mural that will last how long??? I agree with many posts here. TALK is also a local non-profit organization that is working with local kids within the art & music forum. What happened to the slogan that Homewood advertises very often "Shop Homewood, Keep it Local", is this a double standard here??? Don't we have at least 2 art studio business's in Homewood? With the economy as is, I would say YES, there are many ways to make more postive use of this money locally. What exactly is Homewood's gain with this endeavor other than a cosmetic view and a listing on this artist's resume? I find our local government decision making to be very unwise and disappointing. I really don't see the government support of our local community anymore. Everything seems to be outsourced and no one seems to really be doing they're job with any type of diligency, knowledge or pride. I wonder what the real ratio of Homewood Government is with keeping it local vs. outsourcing. I just read an article regarding the concept of the new position for a general inspector to investigate local suburban government entities. If this should actually happen I think that this scenario would be quite curious for Homewood.
babyboomer July 02, 2012 at 02:11 PM
I agree, I know that there are a lot of talented students in Homewood, who would love to take on this project. How much of a kickback is Hofeld getting from this socalled artist. Very unwise, when there are so many other things the village needs to do to keep up with.


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