New Village Sign; Aurelio's to Drop Al Fresco: On the Agenda

A preview of what's going to be discussed and voted on during Homewood's Aug. 27 village board meeting.

Homewood Village President Richard Hofeld and the village trustees will meet at  on Tuesday, Aug. 27 at 7:30 p.m.

Liquor License Request from Chipotle

The soon-to-be Halsted Chipotle location is requesting an additional class 5 liquor license be created for their restaurant. The popular fast food chain is known for selling beer and margaritas along with their staple burritos in many locations.

New Village Marquee Sign

Trustees will be voting on the expenditure of $21,690.87 for a new electronic marquee sign from All Right Sign of Steger. The sign is intended to replace the current village sign at the corner of Dixie Highway and Chestnut Rd. 

$5 Thousand 183rd Street Fence Replacement

$4,850.00 is being requested from a fire department equipment fund to the 183rd Street fence fund. According to the agenda, the money will be used to replace the fence along the south side of 183rd Street, west of the viaduct.

Go Green and Façade Improvement Tax Incentive Money for Aurelio's

The trustees will consider a request from owner Joe Aurelio for $142,043.00 through the Façade and Property Improvement Program and the Go Green Reward Program. Aurelio is asking for the money to help finance an enclosed addition to his Homewood restaurant in the place of the current outdoor dining section along the south end of the building.

Mike August 30, 2012 at 02:48 PM
At least Kate Duff seems to get it. Now, let's put this to bed by learning what a TIF actually is and where that money comes from (note that your property taxes AREN'T directly paying for these renovations nor will they be increased to help pay for these investments). Also, note that these funds are not specifically for businesses that need financial help like so many of you believe. Now, read this before you comment; http://www.illinois-tif.com/about_TIF.asp Now that we all see how this works, I think you'll agree that Aurelio's is probably the safest investment that Homewood can make.
babyboomer September 02, 2012 at 01:32 PM
I agree, however, I don't think either business should get village money. I don't even like Aurelio's pizza!!
T'sMom September 07, 2012 at 06:03 PM
I recently (about a week) read in the Southtown Star regarding this recent TIF money given to Aurelio's from the village, In this article it states this is the 3rd time they are receiving TIF money from the Village of Homewood. Why has Aurelio's received TIF money 3 times from the Village of Homewood? Don't you think there should be a limit on how many times a business can receive these TIF's? Just curious. From www.illinois-tif.com/about_TIF.asp, it states: "TIF funds may be used for costs associated with the development or redevelopment of property within the TIF, allowing blighted, declining and underperforming areas to again become viable, and allowing these areas to compete with vacant land at the edge of urban areas." Is Aurelio's property "within the TIF, allowing blighted, declining and underperforming areas to again become viable?" I don't think so and if this is the reason the TIF was given & what the village thinks I guess we all should start looking for a better area to live in if we live in such blighted, declining and underperforming area. I agree with Simone, plus where's our incentive to stay in the community that doesn't help residents/taxpayers with their "renos," aren't we a safe investment (like Aurelio's) for Homewood and don't we contribute yearly towards their Homewood tax dollars for too.
Mike September 07, 2012 at 06:37 PM
Yes, you are citing one intended use for the TIF funds. However, if you read the entire link that you posted, you'll also see that "TIF projects also help retain existing businesses that might consider relocating away from declining areas. These jobs and investment — public and private — mean more revenue to help a community meet its other needs." Sadly, we do live in a declining and underperforming area; most of Main St. USA does. You neglected to cite the positives mentioned in that Southtown Star article - the project will provide jobs for 75 tradesmen, the hiring of more Aurelio's employees and provide more work hours for the existing employees. Also, Joe Aurelio knows his business best and when he says that a banquet room is needed and will provide additional tax revenue, these gains are all part of Homewood's return on investment. They will certainly re-coop the $142k of TIF money invested. You're correct in that there should be a limit on TIF requests. The village has since passed an ordinance in 2008 that limits the requests to one. Aurelio's received $36k in 2000 and $80,000 in 2006. Since those benefits happened prior to 2008, they are allowed this one more request.
babyboomer September 07, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Speaking of TIF money, why is Bogarts closing?


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