Obama's Advisor Headed to South Suburbs for Fundraiser

Prairie State Trustee and Chicago Heights Resident Wendell Mosby explains the purpose of the under-40 fundraiser.

David Axelrod will be in the South Suburbs next week for a fundraiser supporting President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

Axelrod is not a household name, but many who closely followed Obama's 2008 campaign have heard of him. He was the then-candidate's campaign advisor, who picked up the title "Senior Advisor to the President" after the election. Axelrod is now back on the campaign trail.

"He is the architect for the ‘08 campaign," said Wendell Mosby, a Chicago Heights native and co-chair for Gen44 helping to promote Axelrod's visit.

Gen44 is an under-40 fundraising program under Obama for America and it is comprised of "next generation of leaders, young entrepreneurs, social innovators and activists," according to the Obama's campaign Website.

Mosby, who has been a part of the organization since 2011, said despite Axelrod's presence, the event is not solely aimed at getting Obama reelected. He describes it as a chance to galvanize the Southland, playing up the exclusivity of meeting Axelrod in a smaller setting.

"To have unprecedented access... Mr. Benny’s can’t hold a thousand people, so it’s going to be an intimate group," Mosby said. "People can look at this guy and hear what he has to say and maybe have an opportunity for some questions and answers."

In discussing the event, Mosby kept referring to a "voter apathy" seen through a sharp reduction in voters in the years following the 2008 elections.

The trustee said he wants people to care about the state and county level elections as much as the presidential one, adding that it can be difficult to organize an inspiring event for young people in the South Suburbs.

"In Chicago, it’s easy to put an event on at a lounge and make politics sexy," Mosby said. "In the ‘burbs, you have to be way more creative in how you make politics sexy for a young professional. That’s what I’m really looking to do."

Co-hosts for the event include, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., State Sen. Toi Hutchinson and State Rep. Anthony DeLuca.

The fundraiser will be at Mr. Benny's in Matteson and general admission tickets are $100.

nick February 27, 2012 at 12:24 AM
Wendell: 1) In the 2008 election Obama got 43% of the white vote and 98% of the black vote (I've also seen it listed as 95%). Many people think that McCain should have got 43% of the black vote in a color blind election. Since 98% of blacks voted for Obama, some whites claim that blacks are more racist than whites. Total voter turnout was 63%. Which means 37% of eligible voters didn't like McCain or Obama. (If the 37% that didn't vote, came out and voted for one of the 3rd party candidates like Ralph Nader he would have been close to winning the popular vote, if there was 100% voter turnout)
SouthSide February 27, 2012 at 12:40 AM
You're making him look Irish with the O'... You're funny.
truecolor February 27, 2012 at 01:40 AM
...you're right....oops sorry I'll correct it! Obamarama! Darn....that's not right either....Obamama......wth? Let's see now...hhmmmm.....ok I think I got it...Omaba! Man, I thought I'd never get it right. Thanks for pointing that out to me!
Ernie Souchak February 27, 2012 at 10:04 PM
That's how they do it in Kenya!! You know, Africa. The continent that gave the world the important inventions like, like,...............well,............. that was home to famous statesmen like......................well you know, where the Nobel prize winners come from.
J. Stevens February 28, 2012 at 04:12 PM
For what its worth Being a veteran it is extremely difficult for me say the following but it is true: It is time move. The fall of America is near, not because of race, politics, religion or economics. America (now the third most powerful nation) will self emplode because of our morals. Don't beleive it!? Just read the comments posted on this page. There is no solution to fix our current problems, There is no "do over" here. People will continue to look for the easiest path at the expense of others. I suggest those who wish to return to family values find another location in the world in order to start over again. America as we once knew it is GONE and will not return. Blame goes to more than a President, Senator, Congressman it goes to all of us. But it was a nice run while it lasted. I decided to follow the trend I am collecting SSN, Unemployment, VA benefits and welfare and looking for as many I can get. I am tired of being the moral man, doing the right thing I will stick around and suck every cent I can until the lights go out. Farewell America!


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