Scandalous Local Cemetery Renews Contract with Cook County

Homewood Memorial Gardens will continue to be the final resting place of our county's poor until at least October of 2014.

Despite considerable controversy over the handling practices of dead indigents, the Chicago Tribune reports Cook County renewed a contract with Homewood Memorial Gardens to continue burying the county’s poor for $474 per body. That’s $185 more than the previous agreement—and it’s good until Oct. 2014, according to the article.

READ: “A Sorry Sight at Homewood Memorial Gardens” to learn more about the Homewood Memorial Gardens scandal. 

Homewood Memorial Gardens was able to secure the contract by coming in as the lowest bidder, the article says. According to the Trib, new Medical Examiner Stephen Cina is content with the current conditions of the cemetery’s operations. 

Do you think Cook County is handling Homewood Memorial Gardens correctly? Should they continue to use it for burial of the county's poor? Tell us in the comments.


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