Will Flossmoor Ever Offer Leaf Pickup?: Minutes With the Mayor

In this installment of Minutes With the Mayor, Flossmoor Mayor Paul Braun answers questions from local residents about the potential for Flossmoor leaf pickup service.

Patch gathered questions from readers, for Flossmoor Mayor Paul Braun. Now, Patch will regularly air a series of video responses to the questions readers voted as most pressing.

In this edition, Braun discusses the possibility of leaf pickup for Flossmoor residents.


I’d love to see leaf pickup in Flossmoor. It’s a cost issue. The last time the board looked at that, Public Works reported that we would need to purchase … another vehicle with a leaf vacuum and we just weren’t able to afford that additional service at this time. So, it’s certainly something I’d like to see if financial conditions improve. It’s a great program but, at this point, while we’re trying to maintain costs and not reduce existing services, it was not something that we could afford at this point in time.

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Linda T September 19, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Autumn leaves make fine mulch, and compost ingredients. We used to bag our leaves years ago, but now they all get mulched and composted - saves money, is easier, and is better for the environment than sending them to those huge, municipal composting sites, and they make excellent organic matter for gardens. I leave them in the gardens where they fall, and when my husband bags them while mowing the lawn, I grab the bags and empty them into our garden beds. And we have a lot of leaves - back when my husband used to bag them, it wasn't unusual for us to have 20 bags of leaves or more out at the curb on trash pick-up day. From there, nature takes care of them. Especially if they're chopped up by the mower, they break down in the garden beds pretty quickly, and by June I'm wishing we had even more leaves.


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