Marian Catholic Graduates 25 Students from Homewood and Flossmoor

Stephanie Werner of Homewood, as well as Michael Peabody and Mitchell Zavesky of Flossmoor, made it into the school's prestigious Top Ten.

saw 368 seniors get their diplomas at a celebration held at the Tinley Park Convention Center Monday.

Twelve of those students are from Homewood and 13 are from Flossmoor.

Here's what the school had to say about the big day:

Educating students in the Dominican tradition of study, prayer, community and preaching, Sister Judine Hilbing, O.P., President, along with the faculty and staff of Marian Catholic High School, proudly announce the graduation of the Class of 2012. . . Diplomas were awarded by Sister Kathleen Anne Tait, O.P., Principal, to 368 “Scholars with a Soul” who collectively earned more than $17.3 million in college scholarships.

Check out a list of the graduates from Homewood and Flossmoor.


  • Erica Asauskas
  • Jacob Bohlen
  • Ryan Danielian
  • Amy Fleming
  • Paige Holly
  • Duncan Kryszyn
  • Linda Kuersten
  • Robert Lynch
  • Jessica McGivern
  • Katie Schmidtke
  • Mitchell Weissenhofer
  • Stephanie Werner


  • James Barksdale
  • Abigail Brunner
  • Mary Beth Ceragioli
  • Paul de Bustros
  • Sarafina Handy
  • Destinee Jackson
  • Liam Kroning
  • Michael Peabody
  • Devin Pickett
  • Lyndsey Trump
  • Adriana Valedon
  • Kirsten Videka
  • Mitchell Zavesky

Let's take a moment and congratulate all of these students!

Maddalena Werner May 23, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Stephanie Werner we are sooooooo proud of you!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


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