Kluger Furs: Family Business Maintains Long History in Flossmoor

Business owners in Homewood and Flossmoor tell Patch what they're best known for and when they got started.

Kluger Furs, Shearlings & Leathers, based in Flossmoor, has been in business since the 1950's. 

  • Business: Kluger Furs, Shearlings & Leathers
  • Address: 3303 Vollmer Rd., Flossmoor 
  • Contact: 708-799-5577
  • Submitted by: Susan & Larry Kluger, owners

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When and how did your business get started?

Rudi & Ruth Kluger, began Kluger Furs in the 1950's out of their home in Homewood. They started with custom designs for friends; Rudi was the furrier and Ruth the finisher, or seamstress. 

They worked together, side by side, until Rudi's death in 1973. Then Ruth continued the business in her home until the move to Flossmoor Commons in 1989. Her son, Larry, and his wife, Susan, joined her in establishing a full-service fur salon offering on-site summer storage, cleaning, glazing, repairs & restyles. After instilling in her staff the importance of customer service and quality merchandise, Ruth retired and still resides in Homewood today.

What is your business best known for?

Kluger Furs is known for their unique collection of high styled, furs, shearlings, cashmeres, leathers and accessories. Each piece is hand selected and must meet their criteria. There is a large inventory of preowned furs for both women and men in the outlet located next door.

In addition, service is of utmost importance. The state-of-the-art, temperature and humidity controlled vault is located on-site. All furs are thoroughly examined by their staff, hand cleaned, conditioned, glazed & repaired by experts with many years of experience.

Why did you choose the town you did to open your business?

It as very important to the Kluger Family to stay local. Not only to support our many loyal customers, but also to support the community we live and shop in.

What's something interesting about your business your customers might not know?

If Kluger Furs doesn't have what you're looking for, they will go above and beyond to find it or custom make it for you. They have the ability to remake your existing fur into a completely different, updated style.

Does your business offer a special deals card or program?

Promotions and contests are ongoing! Join the mailing list to receive special offers and coupons. At storage time, Kluger Furs offers a pre-paid package discount.

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