Gimme 5: Thommes Makes H-F Fitness Club His Racquet

Club manager oversees a variety of programs that serve the needs of community members, the list running the gamut from indoor tennis to swimming lessons.

David Thommes is in racquet of fitness. He is the manager of the H-F Racquet and Fitness Club, 2920 W. 183rd St. in Homewood.

The club has been around for years and continues to serve residents in both the H-F community as well as several nearby communities.

“We're so much more than a health club," Thommes said. "We have a whole lot more to offer. We're not just a fitness center, and we're not just tennis courts. There is a whole atmosphere and feeling here.”

The club has a fitness center, indoor tennis courts and a pool.

“We like to think we offer programs for all ages, from seniors all the way down to toddlers,” Thommes said.

He listed several activities the club offers.

“We have the fitness center up front, tennis lessons, swim lessons, a pro shop, kids fitness classes and adult fitness classes,” Thommes said.

During the summer, the club has made some improvements to ready itself for the busy fall and winter months.

“We are in the process of resurfacing our indoor tennis courts and figuring out what new fitness equipment to buy,” Thommes said.

Being a tennis and fitness club begs the question: Which one is more popular?

“I say it is a nice spilt between fitness and tennis,” Thommes said. “This club started out as a tennis club. But the fitness has grown a lot. The challenge is getting the tennis people into the fitness center and the fitness people onto the tennis courts.

"Both seem to be resistant to that.”

HngCln August 18, 2011 at 12:22 AM
Finally, being run be people who have a clue and realize the club has to compete with other clubs, unlike a former manager who was in charge WAY too long and just cashed a check and who really couldn't be bothered with the perception of the club...And no, not Jay, the guy before...


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